New Ultra Window Film

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Solar-Gard window film

Solar Gard pre-announced a new LX Automotive high end window film series at the MESA Summit last month in Denver.

It offers the best heat rejection to date from Solar Gard as it includes multiple levels of 12 precious metals to reject heat.  The combination of metals allows the film to block different levels of light and infra red rays for a cooler ride, said Solar Gard.

While the film will officially debut at the SEMA Show starting October 31, it is available now through members of the Mobile Electronics Specialists of America buying/marketing group.

With the LX line, Solar Gard is targeting a high end customer who wants to benefit from of window film without the dark look.  “Someone in a high end car, they want to be seen and they want to be comfortable,” said Regional Sales Manager Rob Garlo.

The film ranges in visible light transmission (VLT) from 25 to 80 percent.

The film is thicker than typical film at 3 mil versus the typical 1.5 mil.  It also sells for about four times the cost.

A typical sedan would require $800 in film (end user pricing) or $250 for the windshield.

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  1. There is a market for it…..just look at how the paint protection market is doing and people are paying mad money to get that done. That is the same customer a product like this is targeting. Not an everyday customer but the one who feels spending the money is worth it.

  2. Whew! Gonna be a hard sell at that price. I wonder if double layered regular film would be as effective?

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