Fortin Intros Late Model Audi Q3 Remote Start

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MONTREAL–Fortin announces a “no key required” and a remote start from the OEM remote solution for its Audi Q3 immobilizer bypass and remote starter solution (2015-2018 Push-to-Start and Standard Key Vehicles). This solution is now available with Fortin TB-VW adapter that was designed to work in conjunction with EVO-ONE and EVO-ALL platforms to offer a cost effective solution.


The solution monitors and controls the OEM remote while the engine is running which allows a full remote start & stop, LOCK, UNLOCK and trunk release functions control. In addition, RF Kits and compatible smartphone/telematic devises can also be connected directly to the EVO-ALL and EVO-ONE modules to extend the operating range if desired.


T-Harnesses (THAR-VW1 and TB-VW2) are also available and are ready to be connected with the Fortin TB-VW adapter (sold separately) for data immobilizer bypass.


THAR-VW1 Standard Key vehicles coverage:

THAR-VW2 Push-to-Start vehicles coverage:

The EVO-ONE is an all-in-one immobilizer bypass, convenience, high current digital remote starter & security system. The EVO-ALL platform also covers immobilizer bypass, convenience, low current digital remote starter and security system for the same Audi Q3 coverage.


Fortin Electronic Systems is a world leading developer and manufacturer of integrated consumer solutions for vehicle control and connectivity.


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