A 4G Nest-Like DashCam

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Raven 4G dashcam

The developer of one of the first successful DIY home security systems, Piper, is now releasing a 4G security dashcam for the car.

Russell Ure, CEO of Klashwerks, wants his new Raven dashcam to the be the “Nest” of the Connect Car.

Klashwerk’s Raven is a high end, easy to use dashcam with two cameras, one  facing forward and one pointed in the car cabin. If there’s a theft you can see into your car in real time to check it out.  Or you may watch your teen while he’s driving.

The dashcam with built-in screen connects via a cord to an OBD2 device. You can control it by swiping gestures in the air.

Raven will be sold online and at some big box stores, but Ure is not ruling out selling through 12 volt shops.

While Raven is easy to install, it offers many deeper programming levels and permits the addition of Android apps, and so professional programming might be welcome by many consumers.

Raven includes sensors to detect break ins, microphones and GPS navigation.  It can also detect problems via the car’s engine info (through the OBD2 port).  An app on your phone will alert you of a break in and you can then see into the car via the cameras.

4G plans start at $10 a month for the service. On the basic 4G plan you get access to the live cameras but the video might be a bit slower, with images, say every 4 seconds, while the step up plan might give you true real time live video.

Video is streamed from both the front and cabin-facing cameras.

Given the “spycam” capability of Raven, there’s an indicator light, so the driver can see if someone is observing via the dashcam app.

The device is manufactured in Austin , TX and it will ship in Q1 2018 at a retail price under $300. Pre-orders begin Q4 via www.raven.is.

Waylens has also announced a consumer 4G dashcam.

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