The Next Hot 12 Volt Accessory

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With Apple’s adoption of Qi wireless phone charging in its newest iPhones, the aftermarket is preparing for a surge in in-car charger sales.

iSimple plans to release new in-car Qi wireless charging devices for the first time in the US in early 2018, according to Aileen Alhambra Sr. Product Manager Connectivity.

Scosche is offering new MagicMount Qi wireless chargers in October that attach to a window or dashboard as well as new universal Qi phone mounts that attach to the car’s heating and cooling vents.

Top car audio buyers see the new charging devices as a big opportunity.

Jim Warren of 50-store Car Toys in Seattle said, “Apple’s announcement is a huge boost for Qi.  Companies like Brandmotion are nicely poised in offering premium installed solutions while Scosche and others should see significant sales increases in bracket solutions.” Brandmotion offers aftermarket Qi charging pads designed to fit specific vehicles.

Crutchfield’s Carl Mathews said, “Between Apple and Samsung, as more top end phones have wireless charging, we should see better solutions for the car.  Right now some of the universal ones are rather clunky. I’d rather see some better products come from some trusted brands.”

John Haynes of Al & Ed’s Autosound, CA also sees Apple’s move as an opportunity for aftermarket Qi charger sales.

The car companies have already adopted Qi charging pads on about 30 car models, including the Camry, Tahoe, Suburban, and Cherokee, said Brandmotion’s Jeff Varick, proving it’s a desirable feature in the car.

The day after Apple announced Qi charging in its newest iPhones a CNNMoney story lead with the line, “RIP cord chargers.”

And the week prior to Apple’s introduction, Forbes said wireless charging was, surprisingly, the most anticipated feature expected in the new iPhones. It cited a SurveyMonkey study that found almost half the respondents (47.5 percent) were excited about wireless charging.

Clearly consumers rather not fuss with cords.

Apple’s latest iPhones, the X, 8 and 8 Plus with Qi wireless charging ship October 27 (iPhone X) and September 22 (iPhone 8, 8Plus), at a starting price of $699 for the 8, $799 for the 8 Plus and $999 for the iPhone X.

Read more on the phones and the industry’s hopes for Qi wireless charging here.

Photo: Brandmotion FreedomCharge

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