OMEGA Releases Linkr Update for iOS/Android

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DOUGLASVILLE, GA–Omega Research & Development Technologies, Inc. has released a significant app update for the Linkr mobile control & tracking telematics platform, for both Android & Apple ios.

The new app update improves the device setup wizard that supports all Linkr models. This will provide for faster & simpler Testing/Activations of Linkr units.  LG V20 compatibility has been added, as well as for the ultra-high resolution Samsung S8 & S8+. Other general improvements will enhance the platform’s operation.

The LINKR-M1 is not your typical smartphone control interface. Service plans start at $36.96/year and all plans include GPS tracking! 3 dedicated analog outputs, 4 dedicated analog inputs, a dedicated data port interface for plug-n-play install with any Excalibur 60 or 70 series remote start. It also plugs into any Omegalink t-harness remote start kit. Get full product details at

Linkr can also be used as a low cost alternative to home alarm monitoring by using its “alert only” mode. Just tap it into the alarm panel’s siren output wire, and you will receive alarm trigger notifications. The Omega Linkr app is available for iOS and Android users. Just search “Omega Linkr” in your app store.

As a companion to the smartphone app, the installer test activation tool can be found at the dealer portal. All setup, activation, & testing can be done right from your smartphone. No more need to run back and forth from your computer! Register today to get started!

For information on becoming an Omega Dealer in the US, email us at [email protected].

For more information on Omega’s car security, keyless entry and remote start product lines, please visit,,, and



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