Kenwood Joins Distributor Group

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Kenwood USA announced it has joined the Elite Distributor Alliance (EDA).

EDA’s distributor members will carry the Kenwood line, but EDA will not handle the Excelon line, said the distributor group.

Kenwood said it joined the 11 member distributor group as part of a broader restructuring of its distributor network.  It is realigning its distribution network to avoid “brand-erosion pitfalls associated with over-utilization.  Kenwood Executive VP Dave Hoag said, “The EDA philosophy parallels very closely with our brand direction, and we look forward to a healthy and responsible partnership.” But he added, “Our driving focus has always been, and remains, a direct relationship with our retail partners, particularly the independent mobile specialist.”

EDA was formed in 2015 as a collective of distributors and suppliers committed to improving the flow of product to dealers. It is member-owned by those distributors.

EDA executive Ray Windsor said, with the addition of Kenwood, the group now has sufficient member vendors in car radios but it is looking for vendors in driver assistance, radar detectors and other areas.

Member suppliers of EDA include Atrend, VOXX, First Integrated Technologies, Kleinn Automotive,  Metra, Scopion, UNO by Hertz, Race Sport, Fortin, JVC, Kicker,and Kenwood.

“We are very proud to partner with Kenwood and applaud their commitment to organization and predictability,” said EDA President Josh Eatherly. “Our 11 distribution members have worked tirelessly planning for this business opportunity. They are prepared to be an extension of the Kenwood brand as we deliver these great products to retailers who embrace technology, installation excellence and quality customer service.”

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  1. I deal with the same issue. These Kenwood products are sold by and shipped by Amazon not third party suppliers.

    Kenwood please step up and help us. If Amazon is allowed to sell kenwood make them adhere to MAP. For all internet sales please police the internet and pull dealers not adhering or selling sideways.

    1. Amen! Web policies is simple and it drives me.crazy when they act as though it’s rocket science. Cmon…lets not Kicker this out too guys….please..

  2. I’d like to see more intervention with Kenwood and JVC
    for sales on Amazon I can literally buy a unit off amazon for less then my distributor
    However I’d rather support my distributor because I know if the unit has a problem I can get it taken care of.. Online who knows?
    Its hard to explain to a customer who found it on Amazon cheaper then you can buy it why he should not buy it below the dealer’s cost. If I can’t make any money off a product why sell it?
    I think its time to make Amazon adhere to Map pricing.
    Manufacturers have a legal right to control the price of something they make who sells i and what the price can be listed for in advertisements.
    Dealer sign agreements for Map pricing. Amazon is in breach of this by displaying lower then map pricing online.

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