Introducing a New Fabrication Tool Supplier

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EASY fabrication products

A retailer turned supplier out of Colorado Springs, CO, is offering not only fabrication/installer tools, but an organized way to display them, to “create a showroom out of your fabrication room.”

Called EASY, the company sell tools grouped into wall boards that can be displayed with a shop’s store name or logo. It offers acrylic measuring tools, building materials, super glues, fillers, and tapes.

EASY wall board/tool display

“Your fab room becomes a showroom,” said Timothy Cochran who co-owns EASY and retail shop Elite Auto Salon (EAS) in CO. along with Sam Teeters.

About 11 years ago, Elite Audio Solutions opened in Colorado Springs offering high end audio and fabrication. Then in 2013, the shop expanded into wraps (color changes), clear bras and window tint.  It then added commercial and fleet graphics. The services took off, and the shop changed its name to Elite Auto Salon.  It has 4.9 stars (out of 5) on Google, with 134 reviews.

Nine months ago, EASY fabrication products was born combining the shop’s expertise in fabrication with its skill in graphics display.

The changes, including the launch of EASY tool solutions, has brought Elite Auto from a $600K company to one grossing several million dollars annually.  The employee count is now up to 18.

The shop originally began to expand because high end audio is a small niche and it sought to broaden its customer base, said Cochran.

Co-owner Sam Teeters encourages other dealers to branch out.  “Don’t be afraid to jump out and do the other stuff.  We had a solid rep for the high end cars. The owners…the people who drive  the million dollar cars, they are the same customers who own companies.  We get people who come in with a fleet of semis who say I didn’t know you do all this audio car stuff and people who come in with cool cars and say I didn’t know you do all this cool fleet stuff.”

Elite Audio Salon carries car audio brands including Hertz, Audison, Audiofrog and Alpine.

Photo: EASY at KnowledgeFest showing Co-Owner Sam Teeters on left.


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