Walmart to Launch Connected Car Display

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Walmart to launch connected car section

Walmart is launching this month a Connected Car module in the automotive departments at some stores, according to industry sources.

The module will have its own Connected Car signage.  It will include driver safety products such as heads up displays, backup cameras and back up sensors. Some of these products will be from familiar 12V aftermarket suppliers, we are told.

The Connected Car module will also include WiFi connectivity for the car and TPMS –tire pressure monitoring systems for the car, sources said.

Walmart did not respond to our inquiry.

We are on the lookout for the first of these departments, and hope to report more details.  In general, 12 volt specialists should expect to see more driver safety products appearing at big box retailers this year, according to industry members.  As always, this can help raise awareness and possibly drive customers to specialists where the technology can be better explained and customized to the shoppers’ car.


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  1. Most likely the Connected Car display at Walmart will move consumers to ask more questions and seek more complete answers. This represents an opportunity for installing specialty retailers (especially those near a Walmart) to attract these consumers. Have a look at the Walmart signage and present something at least as attractive and informative that consumers can see as drive past your store on the way to or from the Walmart. True, not all Walmart customers are the perfect consumer for the installing specialty retailer… BUT FOR SURE all of the consumers who are perfect for the installing specialty retailer will visit the Walmart and many will see the Connected Car display. Indeed while you are checking out the Walmart Connected Car display make a point to introduce yourself to the guys behind the auto counter, explain that you are an expert and MORE THAN ANXIOUS and WILLING to answer their questions and/or their customer’s questions. Be sure to leave behind a stack of business cards and perhaps a stack of maps identifying the route from the Walmart to your store. No rocket science here, just opportunity…

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