The Next Great Car Camera

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Waylens has been quietly gaining a presence in the aftermarket dashcam/security market.

Waylens recently became an automotive camera supplier to the Mobile Electronics Specialists of America (MESA) buying group; a notable feat for a company with a single product less than a year old.

Its product is the Horizon a high-style dashcam for automotive enthusiasts, that records multiple driving parameters that can be overlaid on video ($499.99).  But a second product for the car security market is on the way and its already caused a stir on Kickstarter.

Waylens will soon launch a 360 dashcam that gives you a total view of the car’s surroundings and its inside from a single camera.  And with a 4G connection, the device turns into a live security camera.  So you alert that your car has been struck or vandalized and then you can see the car live.  Or access footage from the event on your phone off the cloud.

Called the Secure360, it was recently on Kickstarter where it exceeded its goal of $60K in 12 hours and is now at $337K with several days left. It’s going to Indiegogo next, because these platforms generate a lot of publicity, said Tim Coomer, Waylens VP.

MESA members will get the Secure360 WiFi version later this year.  Kickstarter backers get it in November. Then the 4G version should ship in Q1 next year. The WiFi version will have a price of $249, and the 4G version will be priced at $349.

The Secure360 can give parents of teen drivers a live view into the car.  “If someone tries to tow the car, break in or bump the car, the 360 wakes up and starts recording and uploads to the cloud. So if the device is stolen, the footage is in the cloud…There’s nothing like it,” Coomer said.

Waylens is also testing voice control for its devices so you can ask your dashcam to grab that last 30 seconds of video and upload it.

The company is talking to big box stores regarding its products. Currently Crutchfield sells the Horizon.

The Secure360 has an all-glass, 7-element lens and it uses 3D radar, 3-axis accelerometer, and 3-axis gyro.

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