LinksWell Intros Backup Cameras

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RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA– The mandate that all vehicles come equipped with cameras was passed some years ago, with compliance scheduled for 2018. Since then, vehicle manufacturers have gotten on the bandwagon early, and most midline-and-up 2017 models are so equipped.

LinksWell, developer and manufacturer of integrated safety enhancements for today’s and yesterday’s vehicles, has introduced a product line that builds upon the minimum mandated rear-view safety solution. It enables customers to drive and maneuver safely by providing additional camera views around the vehicle, using the factory-installed in-dash display. Rather than replace the factory rear-view camera system, the LinksWell solution adds to it so that operation remains intuitive to the user.

“There are rumors that President Trump may overturn the mandate on rear-view cameras, but it’s really a cat you can’t put back in the bag,” said Walt Detlefsen, national sales manager for LinksWell. “Safety is the most talked-about aspect of new vehicles these days, and customers have a strong opinion that cameras make drivers safer. So regardless of the law, we feel that OEMs will continue to provide customers with rear-view camera systems, which puts aftermarket mobile electronics specialists in the ideal position to enhance them.”

LinksWell currently markets five models that cover Ford systems equipped with SYNC 3 as well as Chevy and GM systems equipped with MyLink that utilize either a 7-inch or 8-inch screen. All are behind-the-dash modules that plug into the vehicle harnesses and CAN data bus with factory-match connectors. The camera views are activated automatically; left and right turn signals show left and right camera inputs, respectively.

The front camera input can be programmed to activate if the vehicle travels below ten miles per hour, based on speed data from the CAN bus. The rear camera input can be connected to an aftermarket rear camera if the vehicle is not equipped, and will turn on when the vehicle is in reverse gear. Additional camera views are activated by the driver, and an HDMI input can be used to display the screen of an attached smartphone for navigation.

The S2H001A-Y01E (GM 7-inch) and S2H002A-Y01E (GM 8-inch) feature six camera inputs. Drivers access and exit the interface by pressing the factory HOME button twice. The additional camera inputs come in handy for keeping an eye on a third-wheel connection or cargo, or seeing behind a trailer.

The S1C016A-Y14E (Chevy branding), S1C016A-Y16P (GMC branding) and S1C067A-Y03E (Ford branding) include four camera inputs. The interface icons are added to the factory touch screen and are accessed by swiping the screen to a new, second page.

LinksWell is currently developing new applications to expand the line. In addition, the company is listening to professional installation technicians regarding specific applications to prioritize. Input can be delivered to LinksWell’s Tech Support department at (909) 375-0630 or [email protected]. For more information, visit, or contact Walt Detlefsen at (909) 375-0631 or [email protected].

About LinksWell
Backed by more than 25 years of automotive electronics engineering, LinksWell delivers in-vehicle safety, entertainment and integration products that feel and function like factory-installed components. Our goal is to enhance the driving experience with seamless solutions that add to the existing complement of driver features. LinksWell is a subsidiary of Sintegrate, a worldwide manufacturer of OEM Integration components with facilities in China, Europe and the U.S. Sintegrate engineers, develops and builds products in-house with a dedicated team of data bus hardware and software personnel. LinksWell’s offices and shipping origin are headquartered in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Contact us at (909) 375-0633 or [email protected]

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