Industry Vet Goes to InstallerNet

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Former Alpine Electronics of America VP and current Executive of American Road Products, Steve Witt has taken the new post of Director of Fleet Solutions for InstallerNet. He will also continue as a Principal at American Road Products.

InstallerNet runs a network of over 500 fleet-certified dealers including car audio shops who install products in commercial vehicles and fleets.  Witt has been charged with growing that business.

Steve Witt American Road
Steve Witt of American Road Products and now InstallerNet

Conversely, InstallerNet provides installation of American Road Products such as the Pearl RearVision.

“Steve …is going to be driving the fleet installation business; engaging manufacturers that make products designed for commercial fleets and engaging fleets directly,” said InstallerNet CEO Tony Frangiosa.

In order to be fleet certified an installer must undergo training by InstallerNet and pass a test.

InstallerNet has been working with fleets for 11 years. Fleet installations represents close to 30 percent of InstallerNet’s business while consumer installations represents about 50 percent.  The company has worked with fleets including FedEx and UPS and has worked on projects encompassing 50,000 vehicles.

Frangiosa said, “I think as a general statement there seems to be a growing trend and a need for fleets to add technology. Up until now it’s been almost all telematics products.  Now we’re seeing a lot of video products and safety products that fleets are now looking at and adding.”


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  1. I agree, InstallerNet labor rates, that you preach are industry standard, are ridiculously low in today’s economy. Automotive labor rates are well over $100 per hour in most populous parts of the country, and we need to STOP having industry “veterans” think they are sales GODS, because they can roll large accounts into installs at labor rates from 20 years ago. Get real and stop devaluing our industry.

  2. you are working for the manufacturers and the distributors. we, as retailer/installers, cannot work at 1/3 of the normal install price that you offer. makes us dealers look like bait and switchers. get more real. i sell against the store less gypsies that work out in the weather. start looking for another job. now!

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