SiriusXM Adds Video

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SiriusXM said it plans to launch at CES in January or before the addition of video to the SiriusXM app.

The first video will be of the Howard Stern show and future video will be of SiriusXM programming such as concerts rather than outside content such as full-length movies.

Jim Meyer, SiriusXM CEO said, “We plan to have a beta version of our new app out by the end of the year… We will have video as a part of that.  Our video offering will start soley with… Howard Stern video. We’ll see how subscribers react to it.”

He added, “I’m really excited to show probably at the Consumer Electronics Show or late this year how naturally our team has made video fitting into our existing SiriusXM experience.”



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  1. If SXM wants this to succeed they will need to provide the video content at no additional cost to their subscribers. The montlhy service charge has crept upward over the past few years. I believe they have hit the ceiling of subscription cost with their subscribers. If they charge more for this new feature they will likely end up with very few takers.

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