Chevy Drops Navigation on the Bolt

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Chevy Bolt has no built-in navigation

It’s a sign that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are becoming “good enough.”

The new Chevy Bolt electric car won’t include built-in navigation as consumers may use CarPlay and Android Auto with their smartphone instead.

Built in navigation doesn’t require a cellular connection so it’s more reliable, but it doesn’t offer the same real time updates and traffic capability as smartphone navigation.

OnStar spokesman Vijay Iyer told The Wall Street Journal that GM believes Bolt buyers are comfortable enough with technology to use CarPlay and Android Auto without built-in navigation. And they can use OnStar’s turn by turn directions as a backup.

IHS Markit research says a built-in navigation system costs car makers about $450 and consumers pay a $500 -$1,200 sticker price for the option. Two years ago, built-in navigation cost the consumer closer to $2,000.

See the full Wall Street Journal story here (subscription may be required).

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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