Navdy With Harman Ships to Aftermarket

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Harman said it began shipping last week the “Navdy With Harman,” a heads up display with augmented reality that makes driving, navigating, and receiving calls and texts easy.

The Navdy With Harman is available through car audio stores at a new lower minimum advertised price of $499, down from a suggested retail price of $799. It is already stocked by Car Toys, Best Buy, Crutchfield  and specialists such as Avenue Sound, NY, said Harman.

Harman is the exclusive auto/audio distributor for a Navdy, that displays bright colorful images projected onto your windshield that appear to float about 6 feet from the driver so you can keep your eyes on the road.  You can see an image of the person calling you and get traffic updates with alternative routing. Your texts and tweets are also delivered audibly.

According to Harman, the product is being heavily advertised on social media, which is creating a unique opportunity for the 12 volt market. “It’s good news for specialty retailers.  There is marketing horsepower behind a product that people want to have.  We’re in the toy business for sure, delivering convenience and better sound, but this is one of those products that really enhances the driving experience.  And on a car that’s older, it’s dragging those cars into the 21st century,” said Harman’s Chris Dragon.

Although Navdy may be purchased online and installed by consumers, Harman believes that many consumers will want the product installed professionally and many will seek out a car audio ship for a demonstrationl.  This could create new customers for 12 volt shops, Harman said.

Navdy comes with a strap-on steering wheel control add-on that some consumers may want to have professionally installed.

Your smartphone pairs with both Navdy and its separate OBD2 device.  Then a wire runs up to the Navdy from the OBD2 device.  The wireless steering wheel control knob can activate Siri and Google Voice.

You can swipe away a call with a hand gesture or signal with your finger to accept an incoming call as shown here.

Navdy got a lot of media attention after it was announced about 2 years ago. When pre-orders began on its web site at that time, it ignited such interest that over 2,500 retailers and distributors from around the globe (at last count) contacted the company, said CEO Doug Simpson.


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