CES Innovation Award Winners in Vehicle Intelligence

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The Consumer Technology Association just announced the 2017 Innovation Award winners in the category of vehicle intelligence as follows:

Advent Blind Spot Detection System


VOXX International Corporation
TE, LVCC, Central Hall, Booth #13517

One of the industry’s first aftermarket Blind Spot Detection Systems uses microwave emitting sensors with approximately 30 feet of range. The system delivers audible and visual alerts to the driver when objects enter the blind spot areas.



American Road Products, Inc. KSS/imageNEXT

OmniDRIVE is a vehicle safety device with 360º and blind spot cameras, a digital event recorder integrated into a connected device. OmniDRIVE reduces accidents by removing all blinds spots on passenger car, truck or SUV’s and records video proof of what happened in the event of crash.


Fingertips Lab

At this very moment, over 660,000 Americans are handling their phones – checking email, scrolling through twitter – while driving. O6 allows you to browse websites and apps just as you would if you were holding your phone in your hand. But with the safety and ease of an eyes-free experience.


CoDriver by Jungo Connectivity

Jungo Connectivity Ltd (Divestiture from Cisco Systems)

CoDriver is a software solution that provides a complete camera-based analysis of the driver’s state for advanced safety and autonomous car scenarios. CoDriver utilized state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms to provide a high-accuracy affordable solution for car makers.

Lean connectivity unit for community 2 Wheelers

TE, LVCC, Central Hall, Booth #14128

This innovation focuses on personal and vehicle safety through connectivity. The product uses vehicle data to provide incremental value addition to the power two wheeler users and OEMs.
The product is designed targeting the price sensitive volume market of India and ASEAN.
You can see the full list of vehicle intelligence Innovation Award winners for 2017 here.

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