Another Great DSP Debuts

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AudioControl DM-810

AudioControl is shipping limited quantities of its first new digital signal processor in three years, the DM-810, offering some unique capabilities.

Twenty-two units are in the field now and 8 more are shipping this week with full quantities shipping before the end of the month.

The Hi-Res Audio DM-810 has real time analyzers (RTAs) on both its inputs and outputs, in what AudioControl claims is a first for the industry. Installers can see the audio signal both coming in and leaving the device.

“This will be the first time installers can see and hear in real time the signal path with the RTA on both the inputs and outputs,” said AudioControl’s Chris Bennett. Here’s a video on it.

The DM-810 also provides automatic equalization.  It automatically takes a signal you feed it and gives you a flat response.

Installers also have the ability to select 5 volt or 10 volt outputs and assign them across the 10 channel outputs.  So if you are running multiple amplifiers, one can get 5 volts and others can get 10 volts of output.

The 810 has a built-in option port that works with an optional Bluetooth 4.0 dongle to be available in December.  With the dongle you can stream music, including Hi-Res Audio to the device, without the need for a head unit.  Also, it allows you to use a phone or tablet to wirelessly program settings on the 810 including time alignment, 30 bands of eq and RTA.

The option port also “opens up future proprietary connections for additional inputs, controllers and interface solutions,” said AudioControl.

The DM-810 processor has 8 active high level speaker inputs, 6 preamp inputs, 2 digital inputs plus 10 preamp outputs.

Street price is $699.




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