Phoenix Gold Intros Its First Hi-Res Audio Car DSP

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Phoenix iS-DSP1.8

Phoenix Gold entered the Hi-Res Audio fray with the first 56-bit digital signal processor (DSP).

The high end iS-DSP1.8 processor is also one of the first to stream  Hi-Res Audio over WiFi from an Android or iOS device. It also plays Hi-Res Audio (HRA) via a USB connection for Windows.

The device works work with various car audio components through 6 RCA inputs, 6 high level inputs, SPDIF input/output, and 8 RCA outputs.

It uses a Burr Brown high end audio AD/DA converter.

The iS-DSP1.8 has multiple tuning controls including equalization, crossover network, and time alignment. It has a built-in 30-band 1/3 octave parametric equalizer and its crossover network allows slopes up to -30dB with the ability to combine channels.

The unit can support up to five sources (streaming, auxiliary, high level, preamp, and optical) and can be daisy chained to a second iS-DSP1.8 through an optical output creating up to 16 channels. Suggested retail price for the iS-DSP1.8 is $1100 with shipping expected in March.

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  1. Its not the firat 56bit dsp its about the 10th helix brax have done them a few years ago mosconi and auddisosn aswell to name a few helix or brax not sure had a twin 56bit dsp or 112bits total called cdsp

    1. Also i have 56bit dsp made by the people who made the phonix one which i bought over a year ago now

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