Aftermarket Company Sues Six Car Makers

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Blitzsafe, a maker of car stereo OEM integration devices such as Bluetooth modules, has sued six car companies for patent infringement.

Blitzsafe owns a patent covering an audio device integration system and an additional patent covering a multimedia device integration system.

In six individual suits, Blitzsafe Texas claims each of the car companies’ infotainment systems that permit a car radio’s controls to control an external third party audio device, is violating Blitzsafe patents.

Honda was cited for infringement by HondaLink and AcuraLink; and Hyundai was cited for its BlueLink system, Kia for its UVO system, Volkswagen for its MMI, Toyota for its Entune and Enform systems and Nissan for its NissanConnect and InTouch.

The suits were filed in the Eastern District of Texas.

Blitzsafe patents include U.S. Patent No. 7,489,786 and U.S. Patent No. 8,155,342.

The cases seek jury trials and damages.

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