Cool Product Works With Car KeyFob

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Here’s an aftermarket product you may have not yet encountered. It gives you remote control over your convertible soft- or hard-top from the factory keyfob.

Mods4cars offers a device that allows drivers to remotely open and close their convertible hard- or soft-top from outside the car or while driving  at low speeds. So when it rains, drivers don’t have to pull over to roll up the roof. And when they are outside the car, they don’t have to climb in and turn the key, just to roll the top up or down.

Plus, it works using your factory keyfob when you press 3 times on the unlock or lock button (unlook to open the top and lock to close it). Watch the video here:


Called the SmartTOP, the device comes in plug and play packages for specific cars.   It’s about a 30 minute install (or 1 hour charge including demo of features).   It connects to the existing roof top controller.

The device works at traveling speeds under 25 mph. Suggested retail price is between $259 and $379

It’s been available for almost 10 years, but new versions for new car models are continually debuting.  Mods4cars just released a SmartTOP for the Porsche 911 Targa (991 model) and it’s planning to release a new SmartTOP module for the BMW 2-Series Convertible, the new Audi TT and the Ferrari California released within the next 2 months, it said.

The company sells through 50 dealers in the US and is looking for more dealers in some regions. For more information contact Sven Tornow at [email protected]

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  1. sounds great but most cars have a mechanical lock release you need to turn can’t do that from remote control

  2. Relays and timers are a thing of the past. New cars have can networks and modules that control systems, that if damaged can be pretty expensive for the dealer to fix. Brown wires are usually can high and low, it’s usually a twisted pair with brown and brown/red

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