Rosen Responds to TMI Patent Dispute

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Rosen Echo

CORONA, CA–Rosen Electronics  said it “expects vindication” in a patent dispute recently announced by Vizualogic parent TMI.

Rosen said Thursday it is looking forward to a May 2014 trial “to complete Rosen’s successful defense against TMI Products, Inc.”

On Wednesday, TMI said it filed a preliminary injunction against Rosen stating the company violated one of TMI’s patents on headrests with integrated DVD/LCD video screens.

At the time, Rosen had no comment.   On Thursday, Rosen issued a comment on the case that said TMI is a licensee of Rosen’s patents and had made claims  against Rosen involving three patents. TMI has since withdrawn two of those claims and a single claim  remains before the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

Rosen said, “In addition to non-infringement, Rosen also questions whether TMI owns the single patent that remains in the litigation.”

It said it expects ” the Court will promptly reject” TMI’s claim as both unjustified and late, because the dispute is nearly two years old.

TMI conversely claims Rosen infringed on TMI’s patent no. 7,597,393, as announced here.

The trial begins on May 27.


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