Safety Electronics Trumps Car Radios

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Blind spot detection

When consumers are asked what’s more important to them A. the car radio or B. electronic safety equipment like blind spot detection or infotainment, they always give safety higher ratings, said Strategy Analytics.

“Advanced safety like night vision, blind spot detection and future vehicle to-vehicles (V2) communication still shows very high,” said analyst Chris Schreiner.  It actually ranks in about 4th place after things like overall car quality, price and fuel consumption  while the car radio system ranks 9th (out of 10 features) the lowest being “environmentally friendly.”

The findings seem at odds with recent tales from car makers that their infotainment systems help sell cars.   Ford claims that cars with SNYC move off the lot twice as fast.

Schreiner said this is true only  when everything else on the cars is equal, or when price and miles per gallon ratings are the same.

The report indicates that driver safety like blind spot detection is becoming a new differentiator that is closer to the top of consumer shopping lists.

Source: Strategy Analytics

Photo via CNET

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  1. been in the “advanced safety” biz for over three years. been very disappointed with the buy in rate.
    go into it if you want a lot of old, cranky, depressed people in your show room with limited spending ability.


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