Audison Adds BMW to Car-Specific Systems

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Audison Prima

After announcing at CES its first car-specific audio system, slated for the Volkswagen Golf  and Golf 2 in Q3, Elettromedia, maker of Hertz and Audison, said a BMW car-specific system is also in the works.

The company’s new Audison Prima “Sound Pack” for BMW will fit 1,3 and 5-series vehicles. No shipping date has been announced.

Elettromedia’s new Sound Packs are pre-tuned for a specific car.  They include Audison’s  first amplifiers with built-in sound processing.

The amps and speakers will also be sold separately starting in March/April.

Audison says most factory radio systems have an average distortion rate of 20 percent at a 90 dB SPL output.  The main cause is the low power in the radio/amplifier driving the speakers. So its solution is to add amplifiers with built in DSP to counter the built-in processing in a typical factory system.

The amps also include a real time power management system to adjust to the smaller power supply cables in a factory system.  These also work in cars with start/stop technology.

The new Prima amps with compact chassis include the APC8.9 bit,  8-channel amplifier with a 9 channel DSP processor at $1199 suggested retail price.   It delivers 35 watts x 8 at 4 ohms.  It will be followed by the AP5.9 (20 watts x2; 50 watts x2; 140 watts x1 at 4 ohms) and the AP4.9 (70 watts x 4 at 4 ohms).

There are also two non-DSP amps available for extra power, the AP4 D 70 watts x 4 (4 ohm) and AP1 D  520 watt mono (2 ohm) amplifiers.

Audison Prima speakers include full range coaxial models with a concentric tweeter in the woofer. They use 32mm pure copper voice coals (instead of the usual 25mm) for better ability to handle music peaks. An APX 690 coax for rear deck mounts has a 40mm tweeter with horn loading for efficiency close to 96dB.

Speakers include an AP 1 tweeter,  AP 4 midbass,  AP 5 (5 inch) woofer,  AP 6.5  (6.5 inch woofer),  AP 8 (8 inch) woofer,  APX 4 coaxial, APX 5 coaxial,  APX 6.5 coaxial,  APX 570 coaxial,  APX 690 coaxial,  APK 130 two-way system,  APK 165 two-way system,  and APK 163 three-way system.

Suggested retail prices for the Prima speakers range from $199.99/pair for the AP 1 tweeters to $599.99 for the APK 163 system.   The new AP 8 woofer has a suggested retail price of $349.99.

Source: CEoutlook

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