The Outlook for the Remote Start Season is….

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A short cold snap in October in the Midwest set the remote start season off to a good start.  Sales are ahead of the typical October, said Audiovox, Directed and Compustar.

Additionally, the Farmer’s Almanac, which claims its weather predictions are 80 percent accurate, says the winter will be colder this year in most parts of the nation, although there are a few regions that are exceptions.  As you know, the colder the weather, the better the remote start sales, especially when temperatures drop early in the season.

Sales for Audiovox spiked at the end of October.  “They were playing the world series in 30 degrees at night.  That’s cold enough to get it started,” said Audiovox Electronics President Tom Malone.

Directed VP of Business Development & OEM Integration Peter Fazi said, “Yes, sales are pointing up and to the right for us after the first cold snap of the year.  Used as an indicator for what’s to come we are very optimistic about our sales plan for the remainder of the year.” Directed said its digital products are seeing double digit growth.

Compustar is also seeing a strong early season, claiming, “Most dealers are reporting sales above the same time last year and are already booked out for installs a week or more in advance.  We are also seeing increases in step-up products, such as Connected Car and 2 Way remote start solutions.”

Six store chain Car Tunes of Michigan said some of its stores are already booked for installations two weeks in advance.

But several Northeastern dealers we contacted said sales were typical or below last year.

The Farmer’s Almanac describes this winter as “Brrrr!” Snowfall will be above normal in many areas including a big chunk of the east coast from Boston to Atlanta.

Western Canada will be cold and snowy while Eastern Canada will be milder.

Then again, it’s not always about weather.  Perfectionist Auto Sound & Security, in Anchorage, AK, was up 35 percent in remote starts this October even while the weather is warmer than normal.  The store started a year round radio and print campaign, said owner John Schwartz.

Over one million remote starters sell each year.

We can’t steal the Farmer’s Almanac’s thunder so if you want to read more on its forecasts, click on its  complete forecast map; the Almanac charges $4.95.

Source: CEoutlook

Photo via Extreme Audio

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