New F-Series Mirror Kits Simplifies Installation

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Brandmotion Ford F150 backup monitor and mirror

Brandmotion announced it has solved a replacement mirror problem on newer Ford F-Series models. Designed for 2011 to current trucks with a compass and 16-pin mirror connector, the new F-Series Kit for rear vision (Part No. 1008-9528) completely replaces the factory mirror, requiring no retention of old components, resulting in a clean, trouble-free installation.

“This is an issue that has made upgrading the factory mirror on the F-Series an unpopular task among professional installation technicians,” said Jeff Varick, president of Brandmotion. “With our new all-in-one design, we’ve been able to incorporate all of the parts of the old mirror into our new version, providing a vital safety and convenience feature while retaining key factory functions.”

The 1008-9528 features an Authentic OEM mirror with an inbuilt 3.5-inch color monitor to show an ample view behind the truck, helping the driver avoid obstacles or attach to and monitor towed vehicles. The display disappears behind the mirror’s surface when not in use. Inside, it contains a gyroscope that performs directional duties, enabling all factory features to operate normally.

The kit also includes the popular Ford Oval camera, which replaces the emblem on the truck’s tailgate with an extruded version that incorporates a high-quality, CCD-embedded camera. It also displays colored gridlines on the mirror’s screen to assist with parking.

The 1008-9528 kit carries an MSRP of $899.95 and is currently available. Vsit Brandmotion’s website at

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