Brandmotion Intros Combined Rear Vision Kits

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Brandmotion slimline mirror

ANN ARBOR, MI– Brandmotion has paired two of its Authentic OEM integration kits into a single, custom-fit kit for the 2013 Dodge Ram. The 1009-9518 Rear Vision Kit combines a Slimline video-embedded mirror with an OEM-level rear view camera that is  integrated with the rear tailgate handle. The pairing provides dealers with a single-SKU solution that is unique to the new truck.

“Currently, there is no aftermarket option for replacing the mirror in the new Dodge Ram,” said Brandmotion President Jeff Varick. “The unique mirror mount on this vehicle has limited its upgrade capability. Now, with the special version of the Slimline mirror we introduced last year, we can offer a complete factory solution that puts enhanced rear vision right where it should be—in the mirror.”

Introduced in December 2012, the “twist-off” version of Brandmotion’s popular Slimline Rear Vision mirror represents the first aftermarket solution for vehicles equipped with the special mount, including the 2013 Dodge Ram. This Slimline version includes a base that matches the tri-lobe fitting currently used on factory-installed mirrors in these vehicles.

Slimline sports a sleeker, more stylish look than most factory-installed mirrors, with an auto-dimming façade and a vibrant 3.5-inch color screen that turns on when the vehicle is put in reverse and disappears behind the mirror’s surface when not in use.

In the rear, a new tailgate handle with built-in camera replaces the factory handle. The embedded Panasonic Authentic OEM™ camera uses Couple-Charge Device (CCD) technology for a high-resolution image and features a 150-degree vertical and 100-degree horizontal angle view of what’s behind the vehicle. The camera is encased in a waterproof housing with anti-fog lens. The Slimline mirror and OEM-grade camera are connected with a factory wiring harness. The kit carries a full factory-match warranty.

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