In-Car Broadband From Cisco In August; Aftermarket View

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Cisco has started working with car makers to bring a broadband pipeline into the car.  Its software will let an in-car router switch between 3G, 4G, WiFi and other services automatically,  in a manner that keeps the user connected.

The company plans to introduce a proof of concept in-car broadband system in August. It also gave us its views on the aftermarket’s role in future in-car communication.

Cisco’s  software will run on hardware that’s placed in the head unit or telematics unit or an antenna, it said.

“We believe that the future is really similar to what has happened in our homes,” said Cisco’s Andreas Mai, Director Product Management, Smart Connected Vehicles, referring to Internet in the home and entertainment from the cloud.   “Our skin in the game is that we can establish this ubiquitous connectivity to the vehicle in a secure manner.  That technology is here and now,” he added.

Also Cisco said it’s system would guard against hacking into cars.   “We believe our security offering is mission critical for a connection,” said Mai.

Cisco’s network would also work with DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication). which could permit vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communication between cars.

The company sees “a big opportunity in the aftermarket,” when it comes to cars communicating with each other. “If you only equipped new vehicles from the manufacturing line, all the other vehicles won’t have the benefit,” added Mai.

He also sees pay-as-you-go insurance monitoring as a strong technology for the aftermarket.

Analysts predict that 70 percent of cars worldwide will have embedded connectivity by 2017, said Cisco.

Cisco also recently released a study which found that 57 percent of drivers would trust a driverless car.  For the U.S., the figure is actually a bit higher, at 60 percent.

Source: CEoutlook

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