The Most Wanted New Tech in Cars

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Automotive Emerging Technologies Study

The number one emerging technology sought in new cars, if you own a smartphone, is the ability to link it to the car radio, says a new study from J.D. Power & Associates.


The feature beat out natural voice control, and even demand for a next-gen heads up display.


82 percent of smartphone owners want their device to communicate with the car, which is 4 percent higher than last year..  Even early baby boomers born between 1947 and 1953 are showing a sizeable increase in demand for smartphone integration.


J.D. Power says more than 67 percent of car owners now have a smartphone.


Interest in smartphone integration falls to second place when consumers are told the price of the feature, pegged at $250.  Demand then drops to 67 percent (from 82 percent). 


Here are the top emerging tech features consumers want in new cars according to the J.D. Power 2013 U.S. Automotive Emerging Technologies Study:



Pre-Price Feature Interest

(Smartphone) Device/Application link 1 82%

Fuel economy indicator 79%

Active shutter grille vents 76%

Natural language voice activation 74%

Next generation head-up display (HUD) 74%



Market Price Feature Interest

Fuel economy indicator (at $50) 72%

(Smartphone) Device/Application link (at $250)1 67%

Active shutter grille vents (at $150) 61%

Wireless connectivity system (at $300) 58%

Surround-view camera system (at $550) 48%

1Device/Application link is only asked of smartphone owners

Source: J.D. Power & Associates

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  1. The big question is what does the consumer view as smart phone “linking”. were they asked what features and functions of their smartphone they wanted linked?

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