Brandmotion Ships Cameras for Popular Fleet Vans

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Brandmotion 9002-7605


Brandmotion announced it is shipping five new cameras to launch its Rear Vision Fleet Series. Custom designed for late-model work vans produced by Ford, Dodge, General Motors and Nissan, the camera series enables fleet owners to take advantage of high-quality, rear-view safety features without having to purchase expensive options packages to get a factory installed backup camera.

Smaller in stature than delivery trucks, work vans such as the Dodge Sprinter, Nissan NV, Ford Transit, Ford E-Series and GM G-Van have grown in popularity due to their maneuverability and car-like handling, making them the preferred choice for small business owners. However, being able to see behind the vehicle poses problems if the van is not equipped with rear windows or if loads obstruct the rear window view.

The Ford Transit Camera (part No. 9002-7605) fits 2010-current Transit and Transit Connect vans, while the Ford Econoline Camera (part No. 9002-7606) fits all 2003-2013 E Series vans. Both models ($159.95 MSRP) replace the rear license plate light with a housing that includes a replacement light and factory camera.

The GM G-Van Camera (part No. 9002-7607; $229.95 MSRP) is designed for 2008-current models, and part No. 9002-7609 ($239.95 MSRP) works with Dodge Sprinter models from 2007-present. The 2012-2013 Nissan NV can be upgraded with part No. 9002-7608 ($229.95.95 MSRP) from the Rear Vision Fleet Series. These three models replace the third brake light above the rear doors.

The included wiring harness features a composite (RCA-type) connection that works with any standard video monitor to present a crisp color image. In addition, overlaid parking lines on the monitor aid in determining distance to an object when backing up. (This feature is selectable during installation on the Ford Transit Camera.)

“The growing class of highly capable work vans is used for everything from small deliveries to on-site services,” said Brandmotion President Jeff Varick. “This means that they are backing up frequently while constantly maneuvering in and out of tight spaces and busy areas. Our new cameras add that extra layer of safety for drivers, not only to protect the vehicle from damage, but also allow the driver to see and avoid pedestrian traffic that is prevalent in crowded city environments.”

For more information, contact Brandmotion at (734) 619-1250, visit Brandmotion’s website at,

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