NAV-TV Launches New Chrysler Backup Cam Solution

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NAV-TV Corp. announced the UCT-13 line of integration solutions for the new Chrysler/Dodge/RAM Uconnect 8.4A and 8.4AN infotainment systemd.

The UCT-13 allows the integration of a reverse camera into the factory Uconnect  LCD screen. It displays automatically while in reverse and can also be forced on in any gear while driving.

For the display, the UCT-13 shows the operational state of the device, as well as the setup menus, on the factory dash cluster.  This eliminates the need for a computer during the initial setup process and ensures that the driver’s eyes remain on the road ahead during operation.

For 2013 RAM owners that want to add  features, NAV-TV also offers the UCT-13+ with all of the features of the UCT-13 plus the addition of a front camera option and an Audio/Video input for external entertainment devices like a DVD player or a video iPod. For parking assistance, pedestrian detection or when driving in low visibility or over rocky terrain,  a front camera or FLIR night vision camera can be activated easily by the driver. For passenger enjoyment, the Audio/Video input is supported in any gear and at any speed.  The UCT-13+ also adds an additional video input that may be used for adding the optional NTX54 stand-alone navigation (SKU# NTV-KIT411) to the non-navigation Uconnect 8.4A system.

Both the UCT-13 and the UCT-13+ accept almost any device that has a composite NTSC video output. Discerning RAM owners that want to maintain a “factory look” may opt for NAV-TV’s RAM CAM factory fit reverse camera. The RAM CAM replaces the original tail gate handle while maintaining full operation of the tail gate and includes a flush mount and seemingly invisible rear view camera.

For more information on the UCT-13 (SKU# NTV-KIT424:rear view camera integration), UCT-13+ (SKU#NTV-KIT425: Front and reverse camera integration, AV input and additional video input) or the RAM CAM (SKU# NTV-KIT426),  visit us at

Currently, the Uconnect 8.4A and 8.4AN, which consists of a color 8.4″ LCD touch-screen, is available as either standard equipment, or as an available option, in select  2013 Dodge RAM trucks.

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