The Facts About Showrooming

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According to comScore’s latest report more than a third of people admit to showrooming.

53 percent of those people are looking for a better price.  But only 14 percent actually buy the product elsewhere from a mobile device.

Many people simply look for more research or reviews online while shopping in a brick and mortar store.  About 40 percent of consumers actually planned to buy the product online to begin with, but went to the store to view it in person.

The most showroomed product category is consumer electronics.  For men, 72 percent said they showroomed a product in this category in the last quarter.  For women, the figure drops to 56 percent.  Clothing is second, with only 39 percent of men showrooming and 47 percent of women.

All in all, for Q4, online sales for retail products were up 15 percent over the prior year, reaching $186 billion.  And ecommerce sales are expected to continue to grow, said comScore.

For the quarter, had 29.2 million visitors to its web site, down 5 percent from the same quarter a year ago. is the online market leader by a wide margin.  It received 115.2 million visitors, up 3 percent from Q4 in 2011, according to comScore.

Amazon received more than twice as many visitors as the next most heavily trafficked site on the web,, with 50 million visitors in Q4.  In third place was Walmart, with 49.5 visitors, followed by Target, 33.6 million and then Best Buy.

Source: comScore

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  1. we have found that the showrooming customer is not our customer anyway. The lowest price and decent service are not attainable in this market place

  2. I have never heard of the term “showrooming”, I would have started the article with a description of it. After reading the article I figured it out. At least if a customer is shopping you with the intent to buy online, you get a brief chance to sell them anyway. We do pretty good closing these kinds of customers by just talking to them about the situation and meeting them halfway on the price.

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