Omega to Intro BMW, Mercedes Remote Start Harnesses

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Omega Research


Omega Research and Development Technologies, Inc. announced today the introduction of their latest OmegLink “OL-RS” plug-n-play remote start kits for select BMW, Mini, and Mercedes Benz vehicles. The company is now taking pre-orders and will start shipping the systems in March.

These kits will allow installers to integrate to the vehicles factory data bus system, adding the convenience of remote start while maintaining the high level of security that is already in place. No longer will the customer need to pay for additional key fobs from the dealer, or sacrifice an existing key.

“How many times have you turned away a customer who was willing to pay good money to have a remote start installed in their car only because it was a BMW, Mini, or Mercedes vehicle? No more,” said Mike Thompson, Product Development Manager, Omega Research and Development.  “The new line of “OL-RS” kits will not only allow you to add remote start to these cars; it will do it using plug-in T-harnesses that require no cutting of factory wires.”

These new Module/T-Harness solutions are part of the OmegaLink Databus suite of OEM integration solutions which “T-HARNESS” into the vehicle, for the least invasive installation possible. No other hardware required other than an optional RF-KIT for added range, or 2-way upgrade.

“BMW and Mercedes owners tend to desire all the luxuries available. With these systems, we can offer the luxury of remote start and smart phone control with the peace of mind that the system will not affect the vehicle’s integrity,” concluded Thompson.

OLRSBM1 covers BMW & Mini, Mercedes is covered across three units, OLRSBZ1, OLRSBZ2, & OLRSBZ3

For more information on Omega’s car security, keyless entry and remote start product lines, please visit,,, and

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