Audiovox Will Intro HDMI at CES on Rear Seat Monitors

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Audiovox overhead HDMI

Audiovox Electronics will introduce at CES two overhead monitors with HDMI slots so they may work with smartphones, including the iPhone 5 and newer iPads, as well as a BluRay DVD player.

Audiovox overhead HDMIAdditionally, Audiovox will migrate HDMI into its headrest monitors during 2013.

The new overheads, under the Advent and Audiovox brands, will come in 9- and 10-inch sizes for shipping starting Q2.

Pricing will be competitive compared to current models, and with “greatly expanded feature sets,” said Joe Caltabiano, Audiovox New Business Development Manager for Mobile Entertainment Products.

Through an HDMI connection, kids in the back may watch YouTube, Netflix and movies stored on a phone or on iTunes streamed from the phone to the car monitor (depending on the smartphone).

The HDMI connection mirrors onto the car screen just what is playing on the phone.  The phone serves as the “remote control” to play, stop or change movies.  To avoid using data plan minutes, users can playback movies stored on the phone.

In the case of an iPhone 5, iPad mini or Gen 4 iPad, users must also buy a $49 Lightning AV adapter.

Additionally, HDMI will work with Audiovox’s BluRay DVD player, model AVDBR1 ($299)– the only car BluRay player on the market from a leading brand, according to Audiovox.

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. Product doesn’t ship for potentially 4-7 months (Q2) – it’s vapourware, not news, and we don’t need to hear about it or talk about it. We can’t sell it, solve a customers problem with it. Really all it can do is frustrate a customer who finds this post, only to have them not be able to access the product.

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