New Ca-Fi Android Aftermarket Radio Packs Kitchen Sink

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China-based Innotrends will ship to the U.S. next month a radio with enough advanced features to make it a contender for an Innovations Award in our estimation.

Ca-Fi 621000The Ca-Fi 621000, at $999, will run Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and will sport the kind of multi-touch screen you find on smartphones and tablets—capacitive, not resistive. To our knowledge only Pioneer’s AppRadio also has a capacitive screen, when it comes to aftermarket radios.

The USB port on the Ca-Fi double DIN DVD/radio  allows a connection to an OBD2 cable so that the radio can communicate with the car’s computer and display diagnostic information about the car and its performance.

A press release states the radio comes with a pre-installed version of Android app Torque, which works with the OBD2 connection to tell you why your engine light came on and show you car performance data in real time on a dashboard-like screen.

The Ca-Fi 62100 also provides navigation, music screaming, Internet connectivity, rear view camera, and steering wheel controls.

Pre-orders begin this month with shipping in August at

Source: Innotrends via Engadget

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