Brandmotion Ships New Ford Backup Cameras

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Brandmotion is shipping 3 new backup cameras for Ford trucks that are built into the Ford emblem on the truck’s tailgate.

Brandmotion Ford 150The custom, replacement emblem/cameras fit Ford F-150, Super Duty and Flex vehicles from 2009-2012 and are available for trims with or without a factory navigation screen, or with aftermarket navigation.

The CMOS cameras are OEM grade and include waterproof housing with an anti-fog lens cover, said Brandmotion.  They are rated at a 1 Lux luminance with wide-angle visibility and 600 by 480 pixel image output.

“…we went through exhaustive steps to source the same cameras that have been approved by Ford and are installed on thousands of cars and trucks at the factory,” said Jeff Varick, President of Brandmotion. “We know that truck owners are fanatics about how their vehicles look, so they pay close attention to how aftermarket add-ons function as well as fit.”

Other camera features include automatic white balance and electronic auto iris. The camera also displays parking grid lines over the rear view image to assist drivers in determining the distance to an obstacle.

Brandmotion offers three versions of the kit:

–          Part No. 1008-9527 ($919.95 MSRP)  for vehicles without navigation. It includes a factory grade auto-dimming replacement mirror with an inbuilt, 3.5-inch TFT LCD color monitor to display the camera view.

–          Part No. 1008-6509 ($429.95 MSRP) for vehicles with an aftermarket in-dash screen that uses a composite RCA video connection.

–          Part No. 1008-6510 ($499.95 MSRP) works with vehicles that come with factory-installed navigation. The wire harness connects directly to show the rear view through the factory screen when the truck is put in reverse.


Source: Brandmotion

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