Backup Cameras Now Built Into Custom Truck Handle Covers

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Corrected Steelmate USA will introduce at KnowledgeFest next month a line of unique backup cameras that are embedded into the handle covers of truck tailgates.

Steelmate Ford custom backup camera
Steelmate Ford backup camera embedded in handle cover

The tailgate handle plates are custom made for different groups of trucks and include a mini camera.  The handle covers are made of chrome and may also be painted black.

“We’re the first aftermarket company to offer the handle cover and camera together,” said Steelmate’s John Lombard, adding that cameras now typically measure less than ¾ of an inch so they easily fit into the handles.

The truck handle/cameras will be offered for the Ford 150, Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Toyota Tundra, and Chevy Avalanche.  They will ship in early August at a retail price of approximately $200, with the exception of the Avalanche, which requires a larger handle at about $250.

Steelmate is also now shipping a universal camera that can mount inside the handle cover of various truck tailgates (but does not come embedded in custom fit handles). The  IPCR-TRUCK backup camera has a flipped image to work at a 90 degree angle from the ground surface.  It is now shipping at $150 suggested retail price under Steelmate’s iPARK line.

Source: Steelmate USA

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  1. Article states “We’re the first aftermarket company to offer the handle cover and camera together,”. This is not true, Brandmotion has been selling kits for years now.

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