GROM Intro’s Low Cost Android Car Kit

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GROM Audio announced a lower cost version of its Android kit for car radios.

GROM-AND2The new GROM-AND2 at $98.99 lets you use an Android phone as a media player for the car.  Your radio or steering wheel buttons can then control your Android phone as you drive.

Song titles, artist and album names are displayed on the car radio screen, (as permitted by the particular head unit).

“If you have an Android phone, why not use it as an in-car media center?” said Dmitry Borisov, GROM Audio CEO.

Unlike the original GROM-USB2, the new kit does not support iPod or Bluetooth.

It comes with an Aux-in jack and 3.5mm jack for other audio sources.

The kit includes a main module, an Android MiniUSB standard cable, auxiliary 3.5mm audio cable, and vehicle specific data cable. The plug-and-play system may be updated with firmware grades via USB stick. It also requires the installation of GROM’s Android AALinQ free app available on Google Play.

The app kit is available at the GROM web store at

Source: GROM Audio

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