OnStar Drops Mirror Price to $99

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OnStar will drop the price of its FMV retail mirror to $99 including installation this spring to help boost sales.

OnStar cThe steep price cut for the retail mirror, formerly at $299 (without installation), follows tepid sales of the mirror, which has sold short of 30,000 units since last summer.

Under the new program, OnStar will offer the $99 price tag from May 6 through June 16 for the Dads and Grads/Mother’s Day season.  Retailers say the price will then rise slightly to $149 with installation for the remainder of June.

The mirror continues to carry the same service fees to consumers for roadside and emergency services plus handsfree calling starting at $199/year, said OnStar.

Retailers will receive several stipends and free merchandise to help offset the cost of the program, sources said.

These include a $25 stipend for every mirror sold.  And during the $99 promotion, retailers will also get an extra $65 “bounty” for each mirror activated. Plus retailers will be offered free mirrors to offset higher prices on older inventory.

OnStar noted that the mirror responded well to a price promotion held over the Christmas holidays when the price dropped to $199.

OnStar also reported demographic data on the typical FMV (For My Vehicle) aftermarket mirror user.

The mirror is most often used by those who own a Toyota (almost 16%) followed by Ford (over 12%),  Chevrolet and Honda each at about 12%.

31 percent of Ford vehicle owners who installed FMV already had Ford Sync available.

OnStar compares the full cost of the mirror to a cup of coffee.  Even with the premium service that includes turn-by-turn directions (at $299 a year), plus the $99 mirror, the cost of ownership would amount to $1.09 per day, less than a cup of coffee.

Source: OnStar

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  1. One reason that sales are lousy is the way that Onstar keeps jacking with the price and making the dealers chase after rebates. Customers don\’t like chasing rebates and neither do we. We turned away sales in January and April, because we suspected they were going to pull a stunt like this. I think we\’re likely to drop Onstar altogether after this.

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