New Audi A3 Gets “Phone Box”

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As hinted at CES, Audi’s newly revealed A3’s infotainment system will have a number of advanced features including a “Phone Box” that boosts the signal of your smartphone.

Audi A3 cockpit
Audi A3 first shown at CES
Users also get a track pad that is used as a controller as you trace letters with your fingers on the pad.  The track pad combines with a jog wheel to control the features on a pop up screen on the dash. (It was previously available only on higher end models).

The pop up screen also shows your Facebook wall and Twitter feeds and the car will also “read aloud” this information.

In the phone box, you plug in your smartphone and it is automatically connected to the car’s antenna to boost your cell signal (incoming and outgoing).

Owners of the upcoming 2013 model year Audi A3  can get additional perks that show up on the pop-up screen.  The screen will display and the system will read aloud listings of local events and flight information.

Engadget got a demo of the system at Cebit in Germany this week.

Source: Engadget

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