Sirius Back Seat TV Discontinued By Chrysler

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Chrysler is no longer offering Sirius Back Seat TV as of the 2012 model year.  In what was termed a mutual decision, the service has been dropped from Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep vehicles as well as a RAM pickup, reports Family Car Guide.

Sirius Back Seat TVInstead, car buyers can opt for either single or dual-screen DVD entertainment systems.

We contacted Sirius XM about the state of Sirius Back Seat TV but did not receive a response.

Sirius Backseat TV was previously available on the following Chrysler vehicles:

Source: Family Car Guide 

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  1. When Sirius introduced the product to the aftermarket side I thought it was great! Since then Sirius has not added new channels. Could have been a better seller than what it did. We sold the AT&T & the Audiovox product and you know how that went. The only one that is sticking around is KVH and that is priced out of the catagory. @ Amy- I really enjoy your emails everyday and keeps us informed about what’s going on in our world. Thanks.

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