Time to Push Satellite Radio?

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Now that a simpler, cheaper 2.0 SiriusXM tuner is heading to market, which will work with almost 60 car radio models at launch, some dealers say they expect an uptick in satellite radio sales.

SiriusXMThe new XM SXV200 tuner ($79.99) due this March/April is winning attention for several reasons.  Although it is much like the SXV100 of last year (except it now pulls in SiriusXM’s 20 new “Xtra” channels) its key advantage is it is widely supported by the aftermarket radio makers.  So where the SXV100 only worked with a few car radios, the new version should be compatible with 100 car radio models by the end of the year.

And it has all the advantages of the SXV100 –the first satellite radio tuner for the car that didn’t need a special cable for each brand of car radio. It eliminated a long time problem for retailers who were forced to stock many different cables.  Some also required “flashing” on a computer.

A final advantage of the new SXV200 is that it is a cheaper solution for the consumer, since you don’t need the special extra cables.

Joe Cassity of Alarms, Etc., added, “Basically, retailers like us, have steered clear of sat radio add-ons when at all possible because it was extremely confusing as to what part did what, the flashing didn’t always work and of course the various cables were a pain in the rump. Now, with the new sat radio add-on we can ‘upgrade’ the customer to sat without the headache and hassle.”

Kenwood will support the feature in about 15 car radios this year, and JVC in 8.   Other brands supporting the new tuner include Advent, Alpine, Clarion, Dual, Jensen and Sony.

John Haynes, purchasing GM for the Al & Ed’s car audio chain said of the new SXV200 tuner, “It’s easier on the retailer and the price is lower so you should see more sat radio add-ons.”

John Coleman, president of 5-store Stereo King, Portland, OR, added, “Anything new in the category will invigorate the business and get the sales guys talking.  Last year, the new tuner was really tough because there was only one vendor that had it in the spring….so it was confusing.”

Source: CEoutlook

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