Android Headrest Debuts from TMI

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TMI, maker of  VizuaLogic and the new SmartLogic brand, is introducing new headrests with embedded Android “tablets” at the SEMA show next month.

SmartLogic Android headrest by TMIThe headrests include 7-inch, non-removable tablets each running Android 2.3. They use capacitive touch screens (similar to the multi-touch screens on a smartphone).

For an Internet connection, users connect their smartphone or portable hotspot. They may then watch Netflix, YouTube or access apps. The headrests also work with a wireless keyboard.

Users may download apps directly to the device so Facebook and Skype appear right on the headrest.

The headrest tablets include Bluetooth and they have an FM modulator to play audio throughout the car. They can operate independently of each other, accessing different apps and movie sources, or they can play different movies from the same source.

SmartLogic logoSimply called “Android Rear Seat Entertainment Package,” at present, they will ship in December at prices comparable to current back seat video systems, said TMI.

Inputs on the headrests include HDMI, USB and a microSD card slots and there’s an input to connect a DVD player.

As with other VizuaLogic headrests, they are custom assembled on-site in the U.S. to match the car’s interior in “scale, style, shape, stitching and texture,” said the company.

They are the first products in the new SmartLogic line of digital products from TMI that will include car video products with all-digital screens and communication with smartphones.

Vizualogic_Android_AppTMI also announced an app for the iPhone and Android devices to access its catalog of products and the vehicles they match (which results in over 10,000 combinations).

“A salesman in a new car dealer can go to his phone and see if there’s a product to match his customer’s car,” said TMI’s Brian Torres. The apps also offer technical support.

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. Why does a kid need a smartphone for this? It is essentially an Android multimedia device, like a Sony Android walkman. However, because of the HDMI input, a parent can stream Netflix or Youtube right from their Android device into these headrest monitors as another option for entertainment (hotspot not required). This is a great idea, and one that Audiovox also had on display at CES last year. I’m curious if Vizu (or Audiovox) plans on supporting future versions of Android with 4.0 right around the corner…..

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