First Peek at iPhone 5 “Photos”

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MacRumors gathered up the features that have been rumored to grace the next generation iPhone and hired an Italian designer to create some photos of a possible iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Mockup via MacRumors
iPhone 5 mockup via MacRumors

Note the phone’s screen is larger and stretches from bezel to bezel. The phone has a curved and sloped back and there’s a larger area for the home button.

Some of the features of the iPhone 5 are based on the design of new iPhone 5 cases already in production in China.

The phone is expected to be available in September or October this year.

Obviously, the “concept” photos are for the rumor-obsessed, but we couldn’t help taking a peak ourselves.

For more photos visit MacRumors.

Source: MacRumors

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