Mobile Solutions’ Smart Templates Awarded Patent

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Mobile Solutions has been awarded its first U.S. patent for the innovative design of its Smart Templates for installer fabricators.

Mobile Solutions Smart TemplatesU.S. design patent D640,685 was granted on June 28, 2011 for an audio template kit.

Smart Templates were conceived with one goal in mind – to provide installation professionals an easy way to design, fabricate, and replicate custom panels of all shapes and sizes.

“Over the years, I’ve seen technicians use a variety of things around the shop to derive a shape or contour from – a roll of duct tape, the plastic case 3M tape comes in, an aerosol can, nearly anything,” said Bryan Schmitt of Mobile Solutions.

“Smart Templates were born of the idea to provide technicians a formal way to get consistent and repeatable results each and every time. After developing the first Smart Templates kits, I began producing them on a small CNC router in the corner of my garage. Now that we’re in our second commercial location, we have an entire room dedicated to their production and the routers run nearly non-stop producing kits,” he said.

Mobile Solutions expanded its offerings to 21 different Smart Templates kits covering numerous shapes and contours, each offering professionals a way to easily differentiate their work from the pack.

Schmitt noted, “To see an idea of mine be awarded a U.S. design patent truly validates my company’s dedication and commitment to the 12 volt industry. This is an accomplishment that I’m very proud of. I’d like to give a big thanks to all of our customers that have supported us through the years and spread the word about Smart Templates!”

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