Driver Safety Devices Effective: Study

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A new study of the Volvo XC60’s low rate of accidents, indicates that driver safety systems actually work to avoid collisions.

Volvo SC60 Study Shows Collision Avoidance Systems EffectiveThe XC60 was involved in 51 percent fewer bodily injury accidents and in 27 percent fewer property damage accidents than cars in its class, a study by the Highway Loss Data Institute found.

The Volvo XC60 employs a low-speed collision avoidance system called City Safety. It uses an infrared laser sensor to detect possible accident situations at up to 19 mph. It automatically activates the brakes, if the driver fails to respond in time.

The crossover SUV was also 19 percent less likely to be in an accident than other Volvos. This erases the bias that Volvo drivers tend to be safer as a group, than other car owners. Read more at Automotive News.

Source: Automotive News

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