Aftermarket Car Radio Sales Projections

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Predicting aftermarket car radio sales is a bit like herding cats. As IHS iSuppli explains, there are so many small head unit makers, that the data is difficult to collect. But iSuppli’s latest estimates peg U.S. shipments (sales to retailers) for head units at about $500 million for 2011, falling to $365 million by 2017.

iSupply: car audio sales projections

Total aftermarket sales to dealers, including amps, speakers and head units will reach $1.15 billion this year, falling to $850 million next year.

If you prefer a rosier report, there is one available by a company called Global Industry Analysts. It found that U.S. car stereo aftermarket head units will dip slightly next year but then actually increase slightly by 2017.

Sales of aftermarket head units will reach $2.145 billion in 2017. This compares with sales of $2.116 billion in 2010 and  $2.025 in 2012, says the company. We’re assuming this is sales to consumers where the iSuppli figures are sales to dealers, but still the volumes here are much higher than we’ve seen elsewhere.

The report excludes rear seat video, amps and speakers.

Global claims that that consumers will seek to upgrade their standard-fare OEM CD radios to those with MP3/WMA playback, USB and Bluetooth, which will help keep the aftermarket sales afloat.

We tried to speak with an analyst by phone several times, but only received emails back from a generic “Information Desk” at the company, which lists a U.S. office in San Jose, CA. The receptionist said the analysts only correspond by email. So we’re definitely not vouching for the data from Global.

car stereo sales projections

The study is called the Automotive Entertainment Systems Market Report.

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  1. It would be interesting to see how these numbers compare
    to the Car Audio Market at it’s peak. Obviously without
    any portable NAV included. How far has it REALLY fallen?
    What year was the peak for aftermarket H/U’s, Amps & Speakers?

  2. The declining dollar figures relates at least in part to continued price erosion. Once we realize that the key to increasing sales is to increase value in the minds of consumers, we can stop giving away the farm. For the last time: Head units are not dead! Everyone wants to bury a breathing patient. There is another 10 years of head unit sales left based upon used cars, cars that still have replaceable head units, and the desire for technology/performance updates. Stop giving it away! Create demand, not discounts. We are our own worst enemy collectively!

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