Car Stereo Law Enforced 1,000 Times

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Just how often do police stop citizens because the car stereo is too loud.  A recent article on car stereo statutes in Florida in gives us a clue.

In Brevard County Florida, with a population of about 1/2 million people, the police stopped motorists 1,000 times in 2009, said

Motorists were pulled over on a state statute that says that police may stop a vehicle if the car stereo is “plainly audible at a distance of 25 feet or more,” but it makes exceptions for businesses and politicians.

A dispute over the statute, number 316.3045, may be heading for the Florida State Supreme Court.  You may remember that last month, a Florida District Court in Lakeland ruled Florida’s noise statutes as unconstitutional because they violated free speech (in other words, it’s unconstitutional that politicians can blast noise but kids can’t blast music).

The ruling left law officers around the state uncertain about whether to enforce the statute.

Florida Supreme Court may rule on car stereo lawOn June 10, the State asked the Florida Supreme Court to appeal the recent District Court ruling.  No court date has been set to hear the appeal.

An ACLU attorney, Andrea Mogensen told “We are glad that they appealed. It is the kind of regulation that needs to be uniform across the state. Frankly, this deals with profiling and unreasonable search and seizure.”

The case was initiated by a car stereo fan who happened to be a FL. attorney. Richard Catalano was given a ticket for playing his car stereo back in 2007 and he thought it was unfair.

Source: FloridaToday

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  1. NOOO Lets expand the law. How ’bout those damn kids ringing their bells on their first bike!!! Or the cards on the spokes!! And honking those horns!!!
    OOHHH the Noise NOIse NOISE!!!!

    Are the law maker decendants of a certain Dr Seuss character?

  2. GOD PLEASE HAVE THEM GO AFTER THE ICE CREAM TRUCKS !!!!!!! You can hear then 5 blocks away that will keep them busy and off our backs………..

  3. While I’m glad this law may be turned back, we as an industry should make a point to our customers to be respectful to those around us. There are right and wrong places to turn it up. I use to own a truck with 12-18 inch Lanzar subs and 12000 watts. Trust me, I’ve been obnoxious in my younger years. Looking back I may have done things differently. Now just 2 -10″ subs but I still build monster sound systems. I do ask my clients to be respectful at stop lights and in neighborhoods. I also recommend that they turn it down in their own neighborhood to prevent theft of their system. If both sides do the right thing, we may see a “BOOM” in business.

  4. these laws are to make money for
    the cities because it is a easy target
    and they know kids are the biggest offenders
    of this law. so it is away to bully people
    around with less money so they do not get lawsuits against them
    because they know if challenged they could loose in court.

  5. 25 feet! Are they kidding. You can here people talking from that distance. What about the neighbor that mows his grass at 7 am on a weekend! That is audible over 25 feet away! I think some of these laws are there just to push us around. I can understand if they have some restrictions. I would not mind if it was in residential neighborhoods after 10 pm or something like that. Leaving it wide open is no fair. I think these laws get passed because someone that has power or knows someone that does does not like music wanted a way to punish people for his lack of tolerance. If they are going to punish car audio enthusiasts with a 25 foot law, make it fair so that nothing in public is audible past 25 feet! Try to enforce that!!!!! no more car, motorcycles, lawn mowers, weed eaters, leaf blowers, trains, trucks, planes, ect…. you get my drift.

  6. As this law can and will effect business of the mobile electronics retailers, all of the loud motorcycle exhausts go unchecked….

  7. Bravo!

    At last it seems some reason is being applied to this isue. The shame is it had to happen because a law maker was personally offended as opposed to a law maker’s requirement to represent his constituents regardless of his personal views.

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