GM Unveils Answer to Ford Sync

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First, GM announced the OnStar retail mirror this year and now it is getting sexy on the radio side with the Chevy MyLink to appear initially on the Chevy Volt and Equinox this fall.

Chevy introduces MyLinkChevy MyLink lets you connect your cellphone to the radio and brings you Pandora and Stitcher, and it gives you navigation. Plus, it uses voice recognition.

It will be rolled out to more car models in 2012.

As Wired’s Autopia points out, it only took GM three years to release an answer to the Ford Sync.

Chevy MyLink radios will have 7-inch hi res color touch screens that include Bluetooth. You get stereo audio streaming and wireless control of smartphones. You also get handsfree Bluetooth calling, USB input and aux in.

Voice commands use Nuance technology to let you select a radio station or songs from your phone or iPod or MP3 player. You can also use voice control to initiate a phone call.

The radio also uses Gracenote technology to identify and find music.

Chevy will also include a Powermat charging system in vehicles for charging smartphones and other devices without a cord.

Source: GM, Wired
Photo of GM’s Mickey Bly introducing MyLink via Wired

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  1. Why don’t the manufactures work on making better cars and let the aftermarket take care of the electronics. This way consumers have a choice as to what they want. Maybe the consumer would like to pay less for new vehicle. And not be forced to get it with the OEM remote start, Sync, etc. No it’s not just included for free. How about a vehicle that doesen’t have an Orange peel paint job. Or a new unit that doesen’t look like an Saturn Outlook.

  2. Wow… Someone send them a welcome package for 2007…. weak

    However, I would be worried now about any car company that is trying to edge the market, by capitalizing on audio systems, MMI, HMI interfaces… how about building a quality car first… waitthey still haven’t worked out the GMLAN problems…

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