12 Volt Holiday Sales Update

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Holiday sales are up narrowly at some key retail chains as we reach the December mid-point.

Based on a quick poll, we also found some car electronics retailers are heavily promoting and seeing double digit gains. And it didn’t take many calls to find retailers whose sales are down compared to last year’s holiday season.

Car Toys, Seattle, WA with stores in 8 states, said sales are “pretty decent.” “We’re up in traditional car stereo moderately over the prior year,” said senior VP merchandising Jim Warren.

Al & Ed’s Autosound, Van Nuys, CA with over 20-stores, reported that sales are up slightly since Black Friday.

Sales are up by 24 percent at 7-store chain Freeman’s Stereo Video, Charlotte, NC and up by double digits at Westminster Speed & Sound, Westminster, MD.

16-store Mickey Shorr, Pontiac, MI, which always promotes heavily, has been pursuing social media and direct email as well as TV and newspaper ads. Sales are up by single digits since Black Friday. In general, CD radios are moving as are amps and speakers, and mobile video flip downs, said the chain.

With the holidays also comes remote start season and retailers are reporting mixed sales.

Mickey Shorr says the weather is helping to boost sales over last year. It’s just cold enough for snow, but not so cold as to prevent shopping. The chain is also seeing significant sales of Directed’s SmartStart system that can start your car from your smartphone.

Freeman’s says remote start season started late as the weather was warm until after Thanksgiving, but its now 16 degrees on the mid-Atlantic coast and remote start sales are up by 10 percent over last year.

We won’t embarrass the retailers that are seeing declines by naming them. Some say they are in a bind as they can’t afford to promote, although they know it is the only way to bring in more sales.

Source: CEoutlook

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