Car Sales Could Hit 14M in 2011

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And now some good news in car electronics: car sales are on their way to returning to the glory days of 17 million unit sales, which can’t happen fast enough for some of the big names in auto sound which sell car electronics to OEM companies on an OEM basis.
Car sales, now at annualized run rate in the neighborhood of 12 million, should hit 14 million in 2011, increasing to 17 million by 2013, said Automotive News, citing IHS Global Insight.
And today, the car companies are reporting their biggest gains in two years (not counting cash-for-clunkers promos).
Ford’s U.S. sales shot up 40 percent in March and General Motors gained 21 percent. Subaru was up 46 percent and Hyundai, up 15 percent in U.S. sales, said Automotive News.
Source: Automotive News
Photo: Ford Mustang

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