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Best Buy to Close 50 Stores

Amy Gilroy March 30, 2012 Comments Off

Best Buy plans to close 50 stores in the U.S. this year to help trim costs by $800 million by 2015. The company reported this week it will also cut 400 jobs at its

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Apple iCar May Yet Live

Amy Gilroy March 5, 2012 Comments Off

Back in 2007, Volkswagen admitted it was talking to Apple about a collaboration, but the “iCar” that many hoped for never materialized. Fast forward to 2012 and some (minor) evidence is surfacing that Apple

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Best Buy is Gradually Going out of Business: Forbes

Amy Gilroy January 2, 2012 9

A Forbes story Monday gives Best Buy a few more years before it goes out of business. Competition with Amazon and also Apple Stores and the failure of 3D to take off is only

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iPhone 5’s “Revolutionary” Interface

Amy Gilroy October 3, 2011 1

Late last week ran the headline “‘iPhone 5: Most Revolutionary Interface in History.'” What is expected to be so revolutionary about the new iPhone is an astonishingly simple and powerful voice control system.

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Could Sirius XM Still Get a Boost from Smartphones?

Amy Gilroy August 1, 2011 Comments Off

Is it too late for Sirius XM to get a boost in subscribers from a direct chip implant in a smartphone using a new technology? Back in February, Verizon filed a patent that would

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VW Shows AutoPilot Car

BillD June 28, 2011 Comments Off

If you still think that cars that drive themselves are far-fetched, it’s time to stop doubting. Volkswagen has converted a Passat to operate with minimal attention from the driver, adding its name to a

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Forbes Pegs Pandora Valuation at $1B

Amy Gilroy April 28, 2011 Comments Off

You may be interested to know, since Pandora pulled off a sweep of the car audio aftermarket, which is expected to be followed by a sweep of the new car market,  that Forbes thinks

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